Lacemakers Cafe

Dog Owners Welcome!

The Lacemakers Cafe is always welcome to all dogs, and their owners of course!

We are part of Dog Friendly Britain, which is also a very handy resource for dog owners.

We had a visitor to Honiton recently this year, who was so impressed when visiting the Lacemakers Cafe (blush), that she saw fit to email the Honiton Chamber of Commerce!



I recently visited Honiton when staying with the family in a holiday cottage near Dulverton for two weeks.

Honiton market was on the day we visited, and we found Honiton absolutely charming – a lovely market town with friendly locals.

I do want to particularly mention the Lacemaker Cafe. You have a proper little gem in that place.

We often struggle to find a nice place to eat, because you cannot leave dogs unattended in a holiday cottage or a car. That means they have to come with us, and some towns are less than welcoming, despite the dogs being well trained.

The Lacemaker Cafe was very welcoming, and we even had some nice comments off some of the other customers about how well behaved the dogs were. Top this off with delicious food and friendly staff, and it was a perfect lunch.

I hope you mention the Lacemaker Cafe to anyone visiting with dogs. I have been busy on the dog forums mentioning Honiton and the Cafe a lot.

Many thanks.


So to the lovely mystery guest, we thank you very much, and hope that you come along to Honiton next year.